Musical 艺术

沙巴体育平台的音乐课程承认每个学生都是音乐的,并努力培养每个学生的音乐性. 我们的愿望是提供一个全面的音乐教育,促进音乐作为一门艺术和学科. 除了让学生接触到来自世界各地的各种优秀音乐之外, we strive to enable all students to sing joyfully, perform confidently, listen intelligently, express themselves creatively, and investigate curiously.

Middle School Music

中学课程旨在为学生提供全面的音乐基础, in order that all students can express themselves musically

Upper School Music

In the Upper School, we offer three optional 项目: Upper School Choir, Chamber Ensemble, and Jazz Band.
Please note:

在经历了2年的大流行之后,我们很兴奋地重建了我们的音乐节目. We currently offer Chamber Ensemble as a course. We also have an excellent Madrigal Choir as a student run club.


This year we've added Voice and Collaborative Piano to our offerings 博士. Sarah chrisbroomell. Dr. chrisbroomell, performer, instructor, 合唱指挥和音乐总监,在伯克利波士顿音乐学院戏剧系教授音乐理论和钢琴. She is an accomplished, versatile pianist, singer and conductor of multiple styles of music including chamber music, 歌剧, 艺术歌曲, choral singing, musical theater, folk and rock. As a valued accompanist, vocal coach, choral director, singer and teacher in institutions across the US and Canada, she is a proficient and open-minded collaborator.



Musical 艺术 教师

Kirstin Peltz

Kirstin Peltz